For full details, breakdowns, passwords (where applicable) and any special instructions, please contact the current chair of each position.

Board Members

President (Current: Gloria Zopfi)

Club president’s duties

The club president presides over meeting following Roberts Rules of order. It is the Presidents responsibility to also abide by the constitution/by-laws the club has set up. The President is to support a motion when the majority of the club membership has passed it.

Provide supportive leadership

  • Establish a climate of enthusiasm, openness and concern. and listen.
  • Make it apparent that you are concerned and accessible. Seek input and explore alternatives before making important decisions.
  • Preside over meetings
  • Make certain that each club and board meeting is well planned and organized, flows smoothly, ends on time and that each member has fun.
  • Develop a good working knowledge of parliamentary procedure.Manage elections
  • Plan strategy and set goals
  • Develop programming
  • Continuously monitor the club’s progress toward goal accomplishment and the activities and responsibilities of all officers and appointees.
  • Select committee chairmen and make special appointments
  • Define the specific role and responsibilities of each appointee


Vice President (Current: Steve Freeman)

  • Attend all meetings
  • Fill in for the President in times of absence
  • Chair committees as needed


Secretary (Current: Lisa Dankert)

The Secretary is in charge of:

  • Keeping record of all Club and Board Meetings
  • Create and distribute the agenda and minutes of these meetings
  • Maintain records of all correspondences
  • Notifying members of meetings and events
  • Maintaining a roll of members in the Club with addresses
  • Contacting other clubs for permissions where needed
  • Receive and process scholarship applications
  • Maintain dialog with AKC and AKC website regarding any updates and changes required by AKC


Treasurer (Current: Nancy Cameron)

  • Maintain all monetary transactions for the club (excluding Summer Solstice)
  • Report all transactions and donations to the members monthly
  • Distribute scholarship moneys, donations, and expenses


Members at Large (Current: Randy Bebeau, Carolyn Kraskey, Kathy Billman)

  • Attend all board meetings
  • Present/vote ideas to the board
  • Chair committees for club activities
  • Assist with all committees as needed.


Show Related Chairs

Show Chairman  (Current: Tim Peterson – Summer Solstice, ? – Obedience)

  • Plan, coordinate, and supervise the all Shows and/or Obedience Trials.  Coordinate with the Hospitality Chair, Ring Stewards, and Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club contacts for the Summer Solstice.


Summer Solstice Hospitality Chair (Current: Wayne Harmon – Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club member)

  • This position can shift from the Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club to our Club depending on situation.
  • Shortly after show ends each year, contact caterer with dates and menu for following year
  • Recruit 4-5 young people to work as ring-service providers.  They will provide drinks to rings during the show
  • Set up Wed. the Hospitality Building with chairs, tables, supplies, notices, etc.
  • Set up Wed. Ring Boxes, Items, and Armband Boxes for each ring.
  • Set up Flowers for Photographers
  • Monitor hospitality, rings, radios, and ring-service providers daily during the shows
  • Supply runs for replenishment as needed
  • Clean-Up areas daily
  • Sunday Clean Up and Break Down all areas


Chief Ring Steward (Current: Annie Piper)

  • Enlist volunteers to steward for the Cluster in early May.
  • Work with show chairs plan out the times for judging each breed based on breed specifics.
  • Designate ring stewards for each group and judge.
  • Obtain armbands from Onofrio prior to the first day of the show.
  • Set up ring stewards supplies.
  • Welcome each judge to the show as the main point of contact for them.
  • Monitor the ring stewards, judges, and photographers by visiting and through walkie-talkies to ensure day is running smoothly.
  • Coordinate schedule so each judge can stop for lunch each day.
  • Coordinate transportation for the judges to and from the hospitality areas.
  • Set up judges area at the group ring.


Committee Chairs

Current Committees are:

  • Agility (Current: Laurie Hansen, Gloria Zopfi, Pam Belz, Anita Cholewa, and Kathy Billman)
    • ACMKC Agility Match
    • Contact AKC for necessary paperwork
  • Charitable Donation (Current: Randy Bebeau, Karen Godfrey, Tim Hiltz, and Tim Peterson)
    • Determine distribution of allocated funds to predetermined organizations
  • Cluster (Current: Tim Peterson, Sandy Reitsma, Karen Godfrey)
    • Contact Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club to coordinate advertising and event.
    •  Contact local newspapers for press release articles.
    •   Appoint club member to contact and obtain contracts for judges.
    •   Set up lodging, transportation, and other arrangements for each judge.
  • Events and Operations (Current: Gloria Zopfi, Nancy Cameron, and Pam Belz)
    • Plan, organize, and run annual picnic, pot luck, and Christmas events.
  • Historian (Current: Kathy Billman)
    • Work in Progress 
  • Legislative (?)
    • Monitor, maintain, and report on any changes or legislative actions that could impact the Club or its members.
  • Membership (Current: Lynda Lee Peterson) 
    • Sends out dues renewal notices via email.  Collects payments and applications to update membership spreadsheet.  Read new member applications (first and second readings) at monthly meetings.  Send out approval letter when appropriate with by-laws, constitution and other relevant info. to applicants.
  • Nomination Committee 2015 (Current: Nancy Cameron, Theresa Schwarten, and Karen Godfrey)
    • Contact current board/committee members for renewing posts, present openings to the club when a vacancy is upcoming.
  • Obedience (Current: Barb Stoffel)
  • Programs (Current: Cathy Bosnic)  
    • Organize and contact persons/parties for programs of interest to the Club at meetings.  
  • Scholarship (Current: Randy Bebeau, Gloria Zopfi, Lynda Peterson, and Robbie Hiltz)
    • Maintain applications annually. Distribute cover letter and application to all public and private high schools in Anoka County.  Review submissions by internal and external applicants.  Set time and date for committee to review and award the Scholarships.  Present the names to the Club by May meeting.  Send out award and rejection letters to applicants.  Present awards at Summer Solstice Cluster of Dog Shows.
  • Standing Rules and By-Laws (Current: Lisa Dankert, Karen Godfrey, and Sara Peterson)
    • Review, maintain, and update by-laws as needed.
  • Sunshine (Current: Nancy Cameron)
    • Send out cards to members regarding any life-changing events to the members, members’ family, or their dogs.  Notify treasurer if any donation needs to be made and to what charity.
  • Website Administration (Current: Kathy Billman)
    • Update and maintain website pages with any necessary approvals via the board or club.