The Anoka County Minnesota Kennel Club (ACMKC) is a club dedicated to furthering the advancement of American Kennel Club (AKC) registered purebred dogs.  We also welcome companion dogs to join us in our events.  We’re just a short trip to Anoka, north of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN).Find us directly at acmkc.com or acmkc.org

                                               Our Mission

We are an AKC club, which works toward the betterment of purebred and companion dogs through a variety of competitive events, training, and promotion of the health and safety of dogs throughout the area.


Our club members participate in many AKC events and Canine Performance Events (CPE) including agility, barn hunts, conformation, obedience, rallyweight pulling, and other competitive events.  We partner every June with the Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club for the Summer Solstice Cluster of Dog Shows.

Our club members enjoy taking part in a wide range of canine events like these:

 We hope to be able to have these events in the 2021 year.  


Agility Trials

You have an active dog?  Many agility trials are racing around the Twin Cities including our Agility Trial the first weekend of December!

Agility – Teeter

Agility - Tire Jump

Agility – Tire

Agility – Jumps

Agility – Weave Poles


Conformation Matches including Junior Showmanship

There are many Conformation shows and Junior Showmanship events our members attend including our Summer Solstice Cluster of Dog Shows the third weekend in June!

Clumber with Judge

Judge Reviewing Structure

Rottweiler Conformation

Conformation Stance

Best in Show

Junior Showman


Obedience Trials

Sit.       Stay.       Attend our Summer Solstice Cluster of Dog Shows in June and our Obedience Trial in September!





Sit. Stay.



Steer your way through the courses to Rally events hosted at Summer Solstice Cluster of Dog Shows in June and our Obedience Trial in September.




Rounding the Dog


Barn Hunt

Where’d that rat go?  Sniff it out at Barn Hunt events. Bales and Tails Barn Hunt hosts an event at the Summer Solstice Cluster of Dog

                                                                                                             Maybe in 2021 ????


Over. Under. Where is it?

Tunnel Edge

Found one!



Dock Diving

Make a Splash! North American Diving Dogs hosts an event at the Summer Solstice Cluster of Dog Shows every June!

Dock Diving

How Far?


Got It!


UpDog Challenge

Disc time!  Take your pup and play the field! Up Dog Disc Dog hosts an event at Summer Solstice Cluster of Dog Shows every June!




Coming Back



Racing the clock more your dog’s style?  Try FastCAT!  Greater Twin Cities Afghan Hound Club FastCAT hosts an event at Summer Solstice Cluster of Dog Shows every June!

Run Full Out

Run it out

Finish Line

Grab It!


Educational Programming

Take the Lead Presentation March 17, 2021


But There’s More….

We also hang out with our furry friends.  Our pups are hard workers, friendly, playful, silly, and more…..


Weight Pulling

Hanging at the Pool

Hanging at MN State Fair!


Hanging with Santa

Playing in the Snow

Taking Each for Walks

Playing Fetch

Chewing on Stuff

Watching the Sunsets

Hanging in the Backyard


Soaking up the Attention

Playing with Toys

Giving a Helping Paw


Vikings Fan Ellie 1.2018

Watching the Game


And…. PUPPIES!!!!

Sleeping is Hard

Nap time

Awwww Mom….

Food Time

Making New Friends

Climbing over Each Other

Learning with New Family


Giving Back to the Communities

Our club and our members are active in trying to help out wherever we can.  Some of the latest charitable events include:

MPDBA Gives Back 2020

The Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders Association has created a fundraiser for Feeding Furry Friends in association with Dog Food Direct to help dog and cat owners in need across Minnesota.  This pet food bank services multiple pet charity organizations and people food banks.  This fundraiser is currently looking for donations from Nov 1 – Dec 7.  For each dollar contributed equals one pound of food.  The goal is $5,000.

For more information, please visit GiveMn.Org.




Summer Solstice Cluster of Dog Shows

This year’s Summer Solstice Cluster

June 24-27, 2021

2021 Premium List is Now Available: Click Here


Down Time with Our Crew


Re-Unite Trailer

Our volunteer crew worked with the AKC Re-Unite Trailer on making it fully prepped and ready to go in the event of an emergency.  Interested in learning more?  Check out our page on the Trailer: AKC Disaster Relief Trailer

Interested in scholarships? We have a program for students living in Anoka County.



Become a member? Looking to join our club?

We are currently holding monthly meetings via teleconference on the third Wednesday of each month.  Updates on joining these meetings will be posted as more information comes available.



Do you have questions, comments, feedback, suggestions for our site?  Please visit our Contact Us page and let us know.  You may be featured on our next update!