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We received a write up in 2016’s Dog News!

Michael Falkner

One of our Judges – Michael Falkner – included some thoughts about our show in an article he wrote:

“I stress the words hospitality and organization! Very few clubs offer the level of attention and detail that we experienced.  Our experience was not enhanced by a select few, but from a whole group of dedicated fanciers, young and old, who executed their respective roles to perfection to put on one hell of a great show.  Young adults filled with PASSION and Pride for the sport helped cater the rings, fill ice buckets, deliver drinks, clear tables and greet judges/exhibitors. The Summer Solstice Cluster is living proof that young people are active participants in the sport, if cultivated and appreciated.  The show site, the flowers, the ring stewards, the food (gluten free options too), the quality entry all combined for a glorious experience that oozed with PRIDE and PASSION …

Our sense of PRIDE is tied to the PASSION or the “Fire within”. If we as judges, exhibitors, club members, junior handlers, breeders, and professional handlers all take PRIDE in our various dog-show roles, we will be automatically filled with PASSION. AT the same time, we will not be foolhardy to ignore the PERILS of the DOG SHOW challenges.  And it you are not exactly sure how to achieve this—attend the SUMMER SOLSTICE CLUSTER 2017 and learn how to celebrate your breeding stock, dance to music and experience hospitality like no other.  Just be cautious of the red wine.

–          An excerpt from Michael Falkner, “The Sunny Side Of Judging: Pride, Passion And Perils.” DN Magazine Volume 1 Number 6, July 15, 2016. page 62. Reprinted with consent from DN Magazine and Michael Falkner. 


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